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Saturday, March 2, 2013

NYS DRC 2013 Bulletin 17 and Conference Registration

Bulletin 17 and 2013 Conference Registration


From the Bulletin:

Message from the Chair:

It is my obligation and privilege to send an annual letter to the membership. I do so with both pride and confidence in the grit and persistence of all of you as we join together to achieve victory.
Let us savor once again, the victory of President Obama. You gave the campaign your all, and were victorious in twenty-two of our DRC counties. You helped elect Sean Patrick Malony in the 118th Congressional District and returned Bill Owens to Congress in the 21st. You helped achieve a majority of Democrats in the State Senate in spite of flagrant redistricting to pave the way for Republican candidates. We helped achieve Assembly victories as well.. You know all this, but I repeat it because you need to experience a great sense of accomplishment.

Since my last annual letter, your Board continued providing you with Bulletins to keep you well-informed of our activities. We maintain a Facebook page, and a list-serve for members to extend communication as well. We continue to offer a Speakers' Bureau and technical assistance in campaigns.

We responded to the issues you raised. passed resolutions and sent them to appropriate legislators as follows:
● School Funding Formula – this must be changed to redress the inequality the formula produces. This inequality severely and negatively impacts the low income/low wealth school districts that are so common in DRC areas. WE WILL CONTINUE OUR EFFORTS UNTIL THERE IS REFORM THAT PRODUCES THE RESOURCES WE NEED FOR ALL OUR CHILDREN.
● Strong support for the Energy Highway electric power upgrade proposal.
● Support for Assembly and Senate Bills that call for Home rule on horizontal fracking as well as a requirement for disclosure of all chemicals used in the process.
● Support and solidarity for organized labor as counter to the shocking attacks across the nation on unions and collective bargaining
● Opposition to legislation that would close rural post offices and reduce services.
In the coming year, we will be looking into early voting as it affects our rural counties. You will define the rest of our issues agenda.

We have also just appointed a Committee on Youth Recruitment and Retention and are excited about its prospects of coming up with a plan to help all our committees.

We will hold a Board retreat to re-evaluate our 17 year-old goals, activities and future directions. With many new members as well as changes in our political environment, we feel it is time to do so.
We continue to maintain and strengthen our links with elected officials Senator Valesky, NYSDC Co-Chair Stephanie Miner, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo have attended our meetings as has Rodney Capel, NYSDC Executive Director. Our Conference, of course, will offer you the opportunity to hear from many of our United States and State elected officials. We hope that you will find the Conference training of practical value as you gear up for the local races of 2013.

It has truly been a pleasure to work with an excellent Board to serve you. You are the real soldiers of democracy in our country, all of you.

Thank you!