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Sunday, October 24, 2010

DRC Bulletin #7

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B U L L E T I N # 7
The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee matched the$15,000 FROM the DRC to make a total of $30,000 to be divided among the “non-top tier candidates” from DRC counties,resulting in a contribution of $2143 to each of those candidates. A great partnership!

As we have done in the past, the DRC hosted a table at the Luncheon in gratitude for the financial help the Foundation provides our women candidates. We always look forward to this gala affair,but this year it was especially wonderful!

Judith Hope acknowledged “special guests” at the convention, and recognized the DRC in that

Anna Roosevelt, granddaughter of Eleanor introduced Matilda Cuomo, the honoree. Anna's
appearance at the podium evoked a gasp from the audience. The resemblance to Eleanor was
astounding.. She gave some moving history of the women's movement in our country, and evolved into telling us about the wonderful work Mrs. Cuomo has done here and internationally
for children in her Mentoring Program.

Matilda Cuomo then came to the podium. She is more beautiful than ever and simply radiates
warmth and caring. She gave a unique speech mingling family and politics and then talked about
the mentoring program.

AND THEN A SURPRISE GUEST: ANDREW CUOMO. His remarks were in two parts. First a
very,very funny response to his mother's speed and then more seriously, he inspired us with to work for making things better in New York State by working together on plans rather than pulling us apart through rage and blame.

It was also gratifying that when Judith Hope acknowledged “special guests” at the event, she
recognized the DRC in that category. All in all, it was a real privilege to be present at this event.

At the Board meeting, Dan McCandless was elected Vice-Chair to fill the vacancy created by Bill Wood's resignation. Dan’s move to Vice - Chair created a Board seat vacancy. In addition, the
resignation of Bob Kersch created a second Board vacancy. Mark Bellardini of St .Lawrence County and Dawn Rivers Baker of Delaware County were elected by the Board to fill those vacancies. We look forward to their participation. We will certainly miss Bill Wood and Bob Kersch. Bill was always on the ready with excellent advice and suggestions, a very bright
guy! We will also miss Bob who has been with us pretty much since the beginning. His honesty and straightforwardness were welcome elements of all our Board discussions. We hope and trust that they will remain involved with the DRC. They represent value added of the first order.

CHANGES *2011 Convention
The Board is working on an early April conference for 2011. It will be the year of local races, and we plan to provide several campaign training workshops. The theme will be “Building a Farm Team", and we will provide more information as soon as it is available. The DRC also turns 15
in 2011 and we welcome ideas as to how to give ourselves appropriate recognition for that achievement. We are looking at Schenectady and Saratoga for possible locations.
More info in the coming months.

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DRC Board Services...

The following DRC Executive Committee Members are available as speakers at DRC County events: Irene Stein, Cindy Emmer or Phil Jones.

Mentoring Services: The DRC Executive Committee has many experienced County Chairs. As such, we are available to mentor and provide support to new County Chairs.

Dues are $10 for 2010, checks need to be sent to Cindy Emmer, 858 Davis St., Elmira, NY 14901.

Message from the Chair:

First and foremost, good luck with elections in your counties. We all know that we will go
down if we do not turn out every Democratic vote possible. Do not buy into the self-fulfilling
self-criticism that many Dems seem to be internalizing. No matter how many dishonest and
misleading ads and statements the Republicans are making, we know that we are the Party
that serves the middle class, first and foremost. Be it individuals, families or small
businesses, we are the Party that works for them. “They” are the Party that obstructs
progress and is the servant of the corporate clientele, first and foremost.
Reform is the name of the game in our State. The best avenue to that reform lies in the
strong and determined leadership Andrew Cuomo will provide. His administration will be
enhanced by Bob Duffy, Tom DiNapoli and Eric Schneidermann. Electing a few good
Democrats to the New York State Senate and having rid ourselves of the other kind will
totally change the dynamic of stalemate in that House. We will have a State Senate that will
work in cooperation with the Assembly.

With Senators Schumer and Gillibrand in Washington fighting for New York and its middle
class, we will emerge from this recession and reclaim the future for our children and
grandchildren. All of that will not happen if you do not get out every Democratic vote


Contributors: Irene Stein, Don Ackerman, Phil Jones