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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Straw Poll Update from the Chair

Dear DRC Member,

We are looking forward to a great Straw Poll Convention! If you have not already reserved a room and registered for the conference, please do so as they are filling up quickly. You can complete a registration form available http://nysdrc.org/drc/2010ConReg.asp

Our candidates have been active in soliciting our support, and I expect the intensity to increase significantly in the coming weeks. This is entirely proper. However, the DRC has a process of having all candidates respond to a questionnaire; these responses will be on the website. This will be followed with the Board's interviewing and rating all candidates. In fairness, we suggest that you wait to get full information on all candidates and make your important decision at the Straw Poll Convention.

The excitement and suspense of the Straw Poll is severely diminished if members all make up their minds as to their choices before the entire process is completed, and they have had a chance to hear from all candidates. This is fair to all, and will contribute mightily to the success of our event.

Looking forward to seeing you in Niagara Falls,

Irene Stein